Founder and Coach

As a child, I was always quite shy and found it difficult to communicate with others. I wasn’t particularly interested in sports and didn’t excel at them, but I did enjoy physical education class. As I got older, I found myself struggling with my weight and tried a number of diets that didn’t seem to have a lasting impact. I even attempted to join a gym, but it wasn’t for me and I quickly lost motivation. My struggles with my body weight and lack of confidence made it even harder for me to socialize and express myself.

But everything changed when I found Crossfit at the age of 34. I fell in love with weightlifting and training, and I began to see a transformation in my body and my confidence. For the first time, I felt comfortable speaking up and interacting with others. My happiness and success at work also improved, and I was even given a role that required me to interact with others regularly.

Eventually, I became a semi-professional athlete, traveling the world to compete and represent my country. Through this journey, I learned so much about food, exercise, and mindset, and I realized that I wanted to use my knowledge and experiences to help others. That’s when I founded Ruta Strong, a project that brings me great joy and pride today.

Let’s improve people’s health together.

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