Motivational Speeches

Motivate your employees, increase performance, reduce sicknesses, increase retention

Who I Am

After a decade of weightlifting, learning about nutrition and health, I help others improve their lives.

What I Do

I offer motivational speeches, PERMANENT PREVENTATIVE mental health solutions which not only helps employees but increases their productivity and reduces costs associated with hiring, sicknesses, increases productivity by 40%

How Your Company Benefits

By offering a nutrition and exercise package to your employees, your company could see a 28% reduction in sickness, 45% less absenteeism, and a 38% improvement in job performance.

By hearing motivational speech your employees can start exercising, eat healthier and change their lives completely.

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What People Say

Ruta helped me to achieve my goals and made every session challenging but fun. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen the improvements in my ability to complete more challenging exercises, lift heavier weights, push myself harder in each session. It was easy to follow the meal plan.

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